How it works

OKI Printer Resetter using undocumented features of OKI printers. Almost all of these features were laid by OKI engineers.
The common algorithm of work this application can be reflected at this scheme:

How OKI printer resetter really works?
  1. OKI Printer Resetter sends a request general information about printer.
  2. The printer device returns information about current printer status and all printer counters.
  3. OKI Printer Resetter selects the resetting plan according to the predefined profile for each model of printer.
  4. The utility sends new configuration to printer device.
  5. Printer validates changes and saves new configuration in EEPROM.


You can find full list of supported features here.
OKI Printer Product Line Color and Monochrome OKI Printer Resetter supports monochrome and color printers.
OKI Printer Product Line Wide compatibility OKI Printer Resetter supports almost all OKI printers' models which have been produced since 2002.
OKI Printer Full Selection Full reset OKI Printer Resetter allows resetting all available counters in your printer.
???OKI Printer Manual Seelction??? Selective reset Use the OKI Printer Resetter you can select any counters which you need to reset.
OKI Printer Autodetection Find available printers OKI Printer Resetter automatically detects available printers on your local network.
??? Repair mode OKI Printer Resetter allows to restore printers' configuration on the moment of resetting.